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Street Sesh Game Description

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Play the role of a skater that gets to shred his way through an urban environment. Street Sesh is one of the most enjoyable skateboarding games out there. You can execute all kinds of tricks, making this game very exciting.

The game starts as you kick your foot to get your board moving. You gain points as you move through the downhill street course by executing jumps and tricks. There are a number of different tricks that you can attempt, such as a 360 degree jump or a kickflip. The more tricks you land during a game, the higher your score will be when you reach the bottom of the course.

You can get bigger air and more points on your tricks if you make use of the numerous ramps that are available to you. You can also collect more points if you collect the yellow boxes that you will see as you skate your way to the finish line. Try to grind rails for extra points as well. It is easy to grind a rail if you kickflip your board on to it.

One thing you need to look out for is crashing your board. This will happen if you crash into a car or land your board on steps. This will leave your bloody body splattered on the screen. You will not have to start over when you crash, but it may cost you some points.

Grab your board and shred some asphalt with Street Sesh today.

Street Sesh Game Controls

  • Turn board left – left arrow.
  • Turn board right – right arrow.
  • Accelerate by kicking – up arrow.
  • Power slide – down arrow.
  • Kickflip or 50-50 grind – Z button.
  • 360 flip or tailslide – X button.
  • Ollie (jump) – space bar.
Street Sesh, 4.5 out of 5 based on 57 ratings
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  1. brian says:

    the game is fantastic

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