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State of Skate is one of the best new skateboarding games online. The game itself is reminiscent of the old Skate or Die franchise on 8-bit Nintendo, albeit with better graphics and a better variety of moves. The controls for the game are really intuitive and get you into performing tricks from your first time out.

This is really a fun game that everyone can enjoy, from the casual PC gamer just looking for a few laughs to the expert gamer who really wants to explore every nook and cranny of any game that he can get his hands on.

There are many, many different combinations that you can perform, and the controls are loose enough that you can do some pretty amazing stuff just smashing buttons. However, there are some more difficult tricks and combinations to be found with precise timing and controlled button pressing. Either way, the game is visually impressive and fun to watch and control.

The game also has some pretty impressive graphics and sounds. This is definitely a good infusion into the Flash game market, and definitely deserves to be played by all gamers, both casual and expert. Everyone is sure to find some kind of enjoyment out of State of Skate.

State Of Skate Game Controls

  • Left arrow – skate left/backflip.
  • Right arrow – skate right/front flip.
  • Down arrow – ollie (jump).
  • A key – 360 flip.
  • S key – Judo air.
  • D key – 360 method air.
  • F key – 720 Christ air.
  • Space bar – “double pits to chesty” trick.
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